Episode Four: Catstravaganza

Dance Studio West is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and produced Cats in celebration of that fantastic milestone. I sat down with Amy Andrews, owner and Artistic Director of DSW, along with Allison Crowe and Daniel Tucker to talk about the Studio and what it’s like to produce a mega-musical here in Corner Brook. I’ve know Amy for a long time and this was perhaps the first time we’ve talked about her career in dance and what that all means, so I really appreciate that. And I’m grateful to Allison and Daniel, who shared their thoughts on why dance (and music) is important to them.

If you’ve been listening you’ll know that this podcast isn’t really meant to be promotional (it just takes me too long to get shows up for that to be effective), nevertheless we do talk about the upcoming show which, of course, has closed. Hope you saw it, it was fabulous, but Dance Studio West is still in the midst of its anniversary year, and have more events planned – and you can find out all about that right here.

Allison Crowe joined me to talk about Cats, but her career is incredibly varied and prolific and you can find out more about what she’s up to at her website.

The show is now on iTunes, and you can subscribe right here!

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