Episode Eight: 8 is for Innovate

Ian Sutherland is dean of the School of Music at Memorial University and was on the west coast for a couple of reasons, including to attend Grenfell’s convocation ceremonies and I’m glad he found time to record this episode of the show.

Ian and I started as Memorial deans at around the same time and it’s certainly been great for me to be able to share that experience with Ian and for our two Schools to continue to find ways to collaborate and work together. The fact is, Memorial’s two ‘arts’ Schools are separated by nearly 700km of geography and that can make things, well, difficult. Ian has been a tremendous collaborator and kindred spirit.

One of the exciting projects I’ve been happy to work on is an “Arts Innovation Strategy” for Memorial, a strategy that looks to foreground notions (and practices) of creativity to the innovation agenda (something the provincial government has also begun to explore) as well as encourage us to work in more meaningful ways with our communities.

Memorial’s School of Music is world-renowned and you can find more about all that they do and offer here.

We also mention that the province, through the Department of Culture, Tourism, Industry and Innovation, is devising a new cultural plan for the province. I encourage you to take part in that process, either by attending the public sessions being hosted around the province, or write into the department with your ideas. More on that here.

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