Episode 11: A Place For Me

Been waiting a while to talk to Renate Pohl, and glad it was finally able to happen.

Renate is an assistant professor and resident designer with the BFA (Theatre) program. If we go way back, I first met Renate while she was still a student at Grenfell and, if memory serves, during my first teaching term appointment with the program. And though Renate did the acting program, she later became a theatre designer, mainly lights, and we’ve worked together a number of times.

The interesting part of this story though (certainly one interesting part of this story) is how Renate came to be interested in the space program. Her work with the International Space University is fascinating and we cover a lot of ground in our conversation. I’ve been thinking a lot about design (not just theatre design, but design more generally speaking) but Renate is miles (light year?) ahead in her thinking and working in designing for the unforgiving conditions of space. Her commitment to this is awe-inspiring.

You can find Renate’s website here, and is @geekyglass on Twitter.

You can find out more about ISU (the International Space University) right here.

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